A single letter differs caring from daring. What if there was a way to be both?


Contours is an architectural practice transforming bold ideas into category-defying spaces.


Our designs in retail, office, hospitality and public spaces — rooted in a future-oriented, agile mindset — strive for innovation, functionality and sustainability. We’re passionate about paving the path forward, setting the bar high for both functionality and aesthetics. From micro-scale projects to urban planning, we create unique spaces that resonate with both data and human senses.


We do it with care — keeping an eye for detail and a heart for community. Our aim is to create spaces that foster harmony between people and their surroundings — enriching experiences, stimulating senses, and fostering connections.


For 15 years, we shared our journey in crafting interiors with IMB Asymetria, an internationally renowned architectural office. Together, we built grand projects for Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, Google, Ingka and many others. Our agility and top-notch services resulted in lasting client relationships. Since 2023, as Contours, we continue doing what we do best — bringing daring visions to life.


Agnieszka Bielaska, the founder of Contours, is a trained architect and urbanist with proven experience in innovative projects across many sectors. Her portfolio includes high-end commercial, residential, office, and hospitality spaces. She intertwines her background with a deep understanding of the human-scale aspects of architecture, using the inside-out design approach in her day-to-day work. As Contours’ director, she shapes the team’s long-term vision and drives creative decisions. Her research interests focus on developing cross-functional, future-proof environments that are truly sustainable and tangibly enhance the quality of everyday life. She believes that achieving this requires a blend of curiosity, authenticity, and precision – values that are deeply embedded in Contours’ philosophy.


We empower visionaries with future-proof designs.
We work with the daring 
to create spaces that are caring.