Wroclavia Shopping Center
Wroclaw, PL
In harmony with the city and nature

Infused with natural light and organic materials, the spacious interiors mirror an old oak growing outside — a symbol of balance between design and nature.


  • Customer journey,
  • Public space,
  • Retail experience

Key information

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  • Total area of ​​the mixed-use complex

    66 750 m²

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  • Completion



Wroclavia smoothly links vibrant outdoors with a harmonious indoor experience. Light-filled, wooden interiors amplify the perception of space, enhancing the overall ambiance. The fusion of natural elements and modern design features elevates the building’s mixed-use purpose. The core idea was to create a visually distinct space with a functional yet hospitable atmosphere. Located at the buzzing center of the city, Wroclavia offers a smooth, enjoyable, and versatile visitor experience.


We were tasked with creating a top-tier facility that pioneered a new approach in the industry. The aim was to craft a hospitable, mixed-use space in the heart of the busy city. The project introduced conceptual and technological challenges, such as the use of wood-bending technology and utilizing glass-fiber-reinforced gypsum (GRP), which had to be specially molded.


We adopted a flexible yet systematic communication approach. From day one, we had clear sustainability goals. Thanks to our knowledge of local factors, we managed to ensure the timely completion of the investment without compromising its quality.

Organic canopies resemble tree crowns, paying homage to the building’s direct surroundings.

A melting pot where city life thrives.

The building’s interior is a tribute to quality and sustainability. Tailored to diverse needs, the dining area offers a vibrant and comfortable meeting spot. The restrooms impress with a sleek color palette and premium finishes. The overall ambiance harmoniously blends contemporary aesthetics with traditional materials such as wooden paneling and elegant stone flooring.


Our work for Wroclavia was recognized as one of the world’s best-designed retail projects, earning awards for Best Retail Architecture Europe and Best International Retail Architecture 2018-2019.